Unfortunately the raw materials and production costs have increased, but we have decided to divide our product making it possible to purchase a single bottle.

PURO Ultra Power Set appears to the light as a very delicate almost transparent white paint and in the dark it takes on 6 different colors!
We are very proud to be able to present the fruit of months of research and development, suitable for artistic use and more!

It is possible to mix them with all types of paint!
It’s called PURO because it is 100% photoluminescent paint.. choose your color for only 25 €


Rainbow Glow  Set appears in 6 different fluorescent daytime colors and in the dark it takes on 6 different colors!
It is considered a source of renewable light energy and it is photoluminescence: its function is to absorb light all around and to unleash it in the dark.  Being fluo/phosphorescent, the final result will be bright and vibrant. It can be applied on other non glow-in-the-dark acrylic paints to give light to your creations.

choose your color for only 25 €

Here you can find the complete sets always in promo, you will receive them in beautiful recycled wooden boxes. With decorated cardboard packaging.