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  • Fluo Glow Powder Pigment

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  • Single Bottle 40 ml

This set is the evolution of the White Glow Paint!

6 new colors of white!
in fact, this new PURO Ultra Power Set appears to the light as a very delicate almost transparent white paint and in the dark it takes on 6 different colors!
This product does not exist on the market you can only find it here!
We are very proud to be able to present the fruit of months of research and development, suitable for artistic use and more!
With it you can change the daytime colors to different colors in the dark!
it is possible to mix them with all types of paint!
It’s called PURO because it is 100% photoluminescent paint.
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  • 0C3A2773 pro
  • 0C3A2773 pro color
  • 0C3A2773 prolight
  • pro light
  • 0C3A2780
  • 0C3A2776
  • 0C3A2789
  • 0C3A2781

Differences with Light

Differences in the dark!

Give your art new lights

This product is the result of years of research and experimentation.

We believe that this is the best glow in the dark acrylic paint currently existing.

It is considered a source of renewable light energy and it is photoluminescence: its function is to absorb light all around and to unleash it in the dark. The product can be used for hundreds of applications and in different ways. The water-based paint can be used pure or diluted with other acrylic paints; being fluo/phosphorescent, the final result will be bright and vibrant. It can be applied on other non glow-in-the-dark acrylic paints to give light to your creations.

Let your creativity flow, and experiment your own style!

The colors react and charge their brightness out of all sorts of light, the more intense it is, the brighter it will be in dark conditions.

Having fluo/phosphorescent property, the paint will react to UV light getting way brighter. The phosphorescent pigment can be charged in a very fast way by using UV light.

You can set the intensity of the light adding water and diluting with other acrylic paints. The paint dries quick, we suggest you to preserve it in places that are not to hot or cold.

Take a look at the safety and warning chart here on our website!

Be inspired by everything surrounding you, always remember that thank to the light that all things are colored and have shapes.

This is just one of the types of paint Crisco uses, his well-known style is constantly evolving.

By experimenting, technique and experience Crisco can thrill and amaze you.

This paint will assure you extraordinary results, but success has to be found out of your personal talent!

Be unique and keep making the world shine bright!

Unique wooden box

designed and crafted by Crisco

Not the classical use-once paper box.

Made out of recycled wood, designed, cut and engraved by Crisco.

You can use it as you wish.

Tech Specs
  • Luminescence lasts > 5 hours.

  • 10 minutes charge with lamp.

  • Lasts more than 80 years.

  • Fast charge with UV light.

  • big bottle 125 ml

    small bottle 40 ml

  • 7 different colors.
  • Fluorescent.

  • Phosphorescent.

  • Applicable on every surface.

Although modern times saw us develop an idea that our art is something unbound by any set of tangible rules, the truth is that we still condition the way we observe art to some extent.

This is just a side-effect of the way we are mentally constructed – we need to have certain parameters in place in order to sufficiently understand and categorize things around us.

One of these artistic axioms we’ll be taking a closer look at today is the premise that appreciating paintings, with all their subtleties and details, requires a good source of illumination. After all, observing a painting is a visual experience and surely looking at it means that we need something to cast light on it, right? Well, if we were to ask Crisco that question, we’re not sure he’d entirely agree.

Cristoforo Scorpiniti is the real name of Crisco, an Italian artist who looks to push the boundaries of how we perceive paintings. He challenges the idea that you can only appreciate a painting in full light with his artworks that, although lovely to look at in daylight, really come to life when the lights go out!

Crisco achieves this by using glow-in-the-dark paint to embellish his works, a practice that basically allows him to create two paintings within the same composition that, depending on whether the piece is in the dark or not, conceals one of the narratives. The works transition from day to night scenes as the surroundings get darker, allowing you to see things the gleam hides.

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