From today it will be easy to support my art by purchasing high definition images of some of my works for just 3€.

In this contest will be available the wallpaper 4k .
The idea was born from the thousands of requests for paintings daily at more affordable prices.
But to support costs such as shipping, my paintings take high prices for many pockets, I have always been of the opinion that art is sharing so I want to share my art with you.

Thanks to this donation from you you can receive my art on your smartphone or any type of device by customizing your background or print the wallpaper to your liking and to the size you want, decorating your home.
(I trust in your good faith to support my art, hoping that someone will not resell or produce for profit)

The sale of the wallpaper will be for a limited time.
Each donation will have a code that will be randomly selected at the end of the sale and the lucky selected will win a glow item as you can see below!
So those who want to donate more will also have more chances to be selected.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart..
your contribution will create new art and new eco-sustainable projects!
so many drops create an ocean!
Good luck

Game Of Thrones

The lucky winner of the 1° contest is the numberr : #11559  (8/03/2021)

The lucky winner of the 2° contest is the number :#11772  (16/03/2021)

The lucky winner of the 3° contest is the number :#11951  (23/03/2021)

The lucky winner of the 4° contest is the number :#12062  (09/04/2021)

The lucky winner of the 5° contest is the number :#12169 (16/04/2021)